250 lb Capacity Aluminum HVAC Gantry

HVAC Gantry 250 lb capacity for single tech One person HVAC Gantry 250 lb capacity HVAC Gantry Frame Rubber Foot


HVAC Gantry 250



  • Gantry for a Roof Hatch Hoist is especially useful in a one-person operation
  • Sets Up On-site in 2-3 Minutes, no tools required.
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction 65 lbs.
  • 250 lb Capacity
  • Measures 6'-8" Tall x 4' Wide
  • Telescoping A-frame Legs, Feet Spread 73"
  • Rubber Padded Feet 5"x3.5"

HVAC Gantry Frame flyer-  PDF with HVAC Gantry specifications  Aluminum Gantry Frame 250

Gantries can add safety and efficiency to your arsenal of HVAC repair equipment. We designed and built this lightweight gantry for roof hatch access work. A single technician can lift a compressor safely to a roof using this 250 lb. capacity gantry that weighs 65 lbs.