500 Lb Capacity Aluminum HVAC Gantry

Aluminum Gantry for industrial rooftop HVAC repairs Aluminum HVAC Gantry 500 lb capacity HVAC Gantry Frame Rubber Foot


HVAC Gantry 500



  • Gantry for a roof hatch hoist
  • Sets up on-site in minutes, no tools required.
  • Extruded aluminum construction 105 lbs. (w/o hoist).
  • 500 lb capacity
  • Measures 80" tall (to beam) x 72" wide
  • Telescoping A-frame legs, feet spread 73"
  • Rubber padded feet 5"x3.5"
  • Purchase with or without the electric hoist. 

HVAC Gantry Frame flyer-  Download PDF- Aluminum Gantry specifications  Aluminum Gantry Frame 500

Designed for roof hatch access work, our aluminum gantry will safely lift your heavy HVAC gear onto a rooftop. Two technicians can quickly assemble this 500 lb. capacity gantry, on-site.