Cost Increases

It's been several years since we've passed along our increased material costs and we now need to do that. Wyse Carts products, purchased after September 12, will reflect our updated pricing.

Our Most Popular Selling Aluminum Hand Truck- Model 3000. Used by Foodservice Distributors across the USA and Canada. Built for Daily Professional Use, 600 lb. Capacity.

Our most popular selling Aluminum Hand TruckModel 3000 handle style is now available in our lighter weight, lower cost, SA handtruck Line too. 

Options in our heavy duty line include a WyseCart drum brake, disc brake or no brake; pneumatic tires or closed cell Wyse Tires.

More about-> Model 3000

Model 1000

Model 2000

Model 4000

Model 6000

Model 7000

Model 8000- Convertible Hand Truck

Model 9000- Convertible Hand Truck

Model 10000- 4-wheel Dollie 

Beer Keg Cart

Custom material handling work


Professional Aluminum Hand Trucks for Food and Beverage Distributors

usaBoth our SA and Heavy Duty lines of WyseCarts are made at our shop in Wauseon, OH. 

Have an aging WyseCart Hand Truck? Our Service Dept can rebuild the bottom unit and extend the life of your hand truck.

Wyse Industrial Carts builds all kinds of aluminum material handling products and sells direct.


Aluminum Wings for Hand Trucks

Aluminum Hand Truck Wings

Aluminum Wings for Hand Trucks

Aluminum Wings for Handtrucks

Aluminum Wings Item HT99914 for $46.50/pr (photo 1)
Modified Wings item number HT99916 for $35.20/pr (photos 2&3)
Wings fit both our SA line of hand trucks and our original Heavy Duty carts.