Milton CA

I have been dealing with Gene Wyse (Wyse Industrial Carts) for 4 years now.

Over this time I have dealt with Gene for all of our handcarts, curb ramps and load bar needs for two facilities so far in Canada. As a Director of Operations for Sysco, I can say I have never had to deal with Gene on any faulty equipment issues or any other issues.

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Portland OR

Hi Gene,
We have been ordering your handtrucks for quite a few years, they are the best. 

In the past we have tried several other handtruck suppliers, and no handtrucks have lasted as long as yours. What’s even better is every handtruck we’ve ordered thru you is still in service.

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You make a quality product. We use your product exclusively at SYGMA-Oklahoma and in the past two years they have been virtually maintinance free. I have only had to buy tires.

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Regina CA

I can tell you right now, our guys really do love your handtrucks!!!

Joe West
Logistics Supervisor
Sysco Regina CA 

Columbus OH

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support over the past year with our Wyse Cart needs.

As you know, Sysco Central Ohio has quite a number of your carts now and our drivers really love them. In fact, every time we have replaced another vendor’s cart with a Wyse Cart hand brake dolly ... drivers argue over who will get the new Wyse Cart!

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Zanesville OH

Mattingly Foods is dedicated to providing our employees with the best and safest equipment out there.

When we identified the need to put better hand trucks out to our delivery drivers, we brought in several different types from different manufactures and let some drivers determine which was best. Unanimously, our test drivers selected the Wyse 2-wheeler.

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Nova Scotia

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new handcarts we received from Wyse Industrial.

I have a lot of drivers who have been delivering for a long time and are set in their ways. This included using their old handcarts. When we purchased the first batch of carts to see how they performed, we were thrilled. The carts are easy to handle and the drivers slowly began to switch over to the new carts.

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Baltimore MD

I have used your hand cart model 1000 for over a year now. This cart is built better than the old cart we were buying. With the old cart I can't keep tires on them and we do a lot of repairs on the frames, also replacement of brake pads and slide rails.

Lincoln NE

We here at Pegler- Sysco have been using Wyse Industrial Carts for approx 3 years. We are very please with the reliability of these carts and the customer services of Wyse Industrial Carts.

Billings MT

This email is to congratulate you on building one fine hand truck. I've been using your trucks for a year and a half or so now and find them superior to any truck we have used in the past.

Toledo OH

Thanks Gene for building a cart with no or little service needs. Gordon Food Service is a fast pace company servicing our customers in a timely manner is the key to our success. Gene the brake system is going to add years of service for our drivers. We can see our work-related injuries are down because of this cart.

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