Nova Scotia

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new handcarts we received from Wyse Industrial.

I have a lot of drivers who have been delivering for a long time and are set in their ways. This included using their old handcarts. When we purchased the first batch of carts to see how they performed, we were thrilled. The carts are easy to handle and the drivers slowly began to switch over to the new carts.


Now the guys see who can get in early so that they can get their hands on one of the new carts. The cart is superior when traveling down ramps and steps. My drivers say that it finally feels like you are in control of the cart instead of the cart controlling you. The complaints of back pain have also dropped since we started using the new carts.

Thanks for the great products. Keep up the good work. These carts have made me life a lot easier!!!


Cory Milligan / Tim Barron
Transportation Supervisors
Sysco Foodservices Halifax
1 Duck Rd. Lakeside N.S.