Hand Truck Drum Brake

Our original WyseCarts Hand Truck Brake has been a key safety feature for heavy loads and making foodservice deliveries with a delivery ramp.
This drum brake system is  engineered to last and provide load control to the operator.

patented brake for hand truck brake assembly
brake hand cart patented hand truck brake
1. Flange
2. Shaft Collier
3. Brake Drum
4. Bearing
5. Nylon Sleeve
6. Spacer
Hand Truck with Drum Brake









handtruck Drum Brake

Hand Cart Braking System- US Patent 5722515

 Photo below is a Drum Brake Mounted in our Universal Bottom Frame that started shipping February 2017.

Our Drum Brake mounted in our Universal Bottom Frame

We eliminated welds in our bottom frame. All two wheel carts Sold from Feb. 2017 on, come with our Universal Bottom Frame.

How to Video- Adjusting Your Drum Brake