Second Line of WyseCart handtrucks With lower starting price.

updated Nov 9, 2014

In August 2014 we started a second line of professional grade aluminum handtrucks that are lighter weight and  lower cost than the heavy duty carts we've been producing since 1997.

The new SA Line of handtrucks uses most of the same replacement parts as our traditional line and we offer our most popular handle styles in the SA Line too. Tire options are also the same as on our heavy duty carts. The biggest differences between the two cart lines are axles and brake options.  The SA Line (Short Axle) uses a tread brake design and our traditional WyseCarts (Heavy Duty Line) uses a drum or disc brake. Both lines of handtrucks are rated at 600 lb. capacity and both are available without brakes.

Prices start at $234.05 for the SA line equipped with air tires and no brake (shipping not included).
Brochure for SA line of WyseCarts-> PopUp brochure or download pdfPDF

Aug2014a New in Aug 2014 Aug2014dLower Cost Line WyseCart

usaBoth our SA and Heavy Duty lines of WyseCarts are made at our shop in Wauseon, OH.


Our longer Convertible Handtruck the Model 9000.

We now offer our convertible handtruck in two sizes. Our new Model 9000 has a 13" longer deck than the Model 8000.

Aluminum Hand Truck4-wheel dollieConvertible Handtruck Dollie

Compare our Convertible Handtrucks
WyseCart Models:      8000 9000
Platform Deck Length 38" 51”
Overall Platform Truck Length 47.5" 56.25"
Height as Platform Truck 40.75" 45.5"
Capacity as Platform Truck 1,200 lbs 1,200 lbs
Frame and Deck Width 12" 12"
Overall Width 19.5" 19.5"
Deck Height from Floor 10.5" 10.5" 
Height as hand truck 52" 62.25"
Capacity as hand truck 600 lbs 600 lbs
Handtruck Wheels 10"  10" 
Casters 5"x1.25" 5"x1.25"
Nose Plate 18"x9" 18"x9"
Shipping weight  46 lbs 51 lbs

 Go to web pages for-> Model 8000 and Model 9000