Closed Cell Foam Handtruck Tire

Closed Cell Foam Tire for handtruck

Wyse Tire- Closed Air Cells Make the Difference

We're combining our aluminum rim, the highest grade bearings in the industry and the best performing cart tire we've ever seen. Made of polyurethane, this tire can't go flat. It's a proprietary closed cell polyurethane developed by Amerityre for WyseCarts. Testing shows this material to be superior to other hand truck tire materials in the following areas:

  • High abrasion resistance = longer life
  • True closed cell technology = no water absorption
  • High density material = excellent load carrying capability
  • UV and ozone resistant = won't break down
  • Environmental friendly = recyclable

Brochure for Replacement Wheels->PopUp brochure or download pdfPDF

These replacement wheels are for all makes, not just WyseCarts built handtrucks. We have hub and axle options that fit all professional grade hand trucks like those made by Magliner and B&P. For pricing and order options, go here->  Hand Truck Replacement Wheels

Non Absorbing Closed Cell Foam Tires