WyseCart Model 3000 spotted on network TV Show

A Jan 2016 "Undercover Boss" episode featured the Marco's Pizza chain with Boss, Bryon Stephens, going undercover. A high point of the show, for us anyway, was watching him and Tom Smith deliver bags of flour and other pizza ingredients to their pizza shop in Maumee. You guessed it, they're using one of our 2-wheel carts equipped with disc brake. What a treat to watch a network TV show about a local based international corporation and see our hand trucks in action. 

Marcos-Cake 4646

Here's a link to WTOL TV's article on the "viewing party" held by Marco's Pizza, in downtown Toledo, Jan 29- Marcos Pizza Boss Delivers Inspiring Stories On Undercover Boss

This Marco's Pizza episode of "Undercover Boss", is no longer available online.

Disc Brake Hand truck Disc Brake

Disc Brake on Model 3000 HD Aluminum Hand Truck

Our Model 3000 is still our most popular selling professional grade hand truck. For details and options- more about the Model 3000.