Cost Increases

It's been several years since we've passed along our increased material costs and we now need to do that. Wyse Carts products, purchased after September 12, will reflect our updated pricing.

Replacement Handtruck Wheel includes Closed Cell Foam Tire, Interchangeable Hubs and Aluminum Rim

WyseCarts has a replacement wheel for all professional grade hand trucks. Our polyurethane hand truck tire, developed by Amerityre, is a proprietary closed cell polyurethane that we feel this is the best wheel you'll find for food service deliveries.

We stock replacement wheels for commercial grade two-wheel carts made by WyseCarts, Magliner, B&P and other brands.

Our top-of-the-line hand cart tire comes mounted on an aluminum rim with heavy-duty bearings. The wheel is rated for 600 lb. capacity hand trucks and performs well in refrigerated areas as well as going up and down delivery ramps. The WyseCart Replacement Wheel Assembly is priced at $39.00 ea. It includes the mounted foam tire, aluminum rim, hub, and bearings. If you want to reuse your hubs and bearings, the rim and mounted tire are only $34.75. Brochure for Replacement Wheels->PopUp brochure or download pdfPDF

Please call 419-923-7353   if you want to purchase by credit card.

Replacement Wheel Assembly for a Wyse Hand Truck

There are two choices for replacement wheels for an original WyseCart  heavy-duty hand truck with a 3/4" long axle (not designed for bearings in the hubs)-

  1. Wheel assembly with a no bearing Wyse hub
  2. Wheel assembly w/o hub, if you want to reuse your old hub.

If you have a  WyseCart from the new SA line, you'll need the bearings and hubs for our 5/8" Short Axles, unless you decide to reuse your old hubs and bearings.

Replacement Wheel Assembly for non-Wyse Hand Trucks

If you don't have a Wyse built hand truck there are three options for our replacement wheels.

  1. Wheel assembly with hub for 3/4 inch axle  *with our best bearings
  2. Wheel assembly with hub for 5/8 inch axle  *with our best bearings
  3. Wheel assembly w/o hub

*Our best bearings and longer life tires will lower your hand truck operating costs.

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  • Aluminum Handtruck Wheel
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  • Handtruck Tire 1
    Wheels for all professional hand trucks, even those not built by WyseCarts more

  • Hand Truck Wheel 1
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    We make replacement wheels for all makes of professional hand trucks more

  • Wheel for Handtruck 1
    Replacement wheels with light weight aluminum rims and no more flats more

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    We only use heavy duty bearings that extend the life of your handtruck more

Non Absorbing Closed Cell Foam Tires