We eliminated welds in our bottom frame. All two wheel carts Sold from Feb. 2017 on, come with our Universal Bottom Frame.

WyseCarts disc brake and heavy duty bearings are available for our Heavy Duty line of two-wheel hand trucks . Expect improved braking performance and additional load control over any hand truck brake you’ve seen (including our own original¬†patented drum brake). We’ve also increased the quality of bearings and beefed-up the axle to extend the life of your hand truck.

WyseCart’s reputation has been built on rugged use and the longest lasting material handling products in the foodservice industry. Our Disc Brake and improved bearing system will help raise that bar even higher. Our aluminum hand truck with disc brake is popular with our corporate Foodservice Distributors in the USA and Canada. It increases delivery efficiency and driver safety when making street deliveries to the retailer.

WyseCarts Disc Brake Patent- U.S. Patent No. 8465028