We eliminated welds in our bottom frame. All two wheel carts Sold from Feb. 2017 on, come with our Universal Bottom Frame.

Our first Tread Brake design for a professional grade aluminum hand truck was introduced at the DSC Show in Indianapolis, late October, 2014.

For years we’ve offered patented drum and disc brakes for our heavy duty hand trucks but we wanted a lower cost option too. So along with our SA Line of Hand Trucks we developed a Tread Brake. While it’s a much simpler brake design, compared to our heavy duty drum and disc systems, our Tread Brake does give the operator control over heavy loads. We’ve had test units running foodservice delivery routes for over a year and our tread brake has performed very well with both pneumatic tires and Wyse Tires made of closed cell polyurethane.

The WyseCarts Tread Brake is designed to fit our SA (short axel) Line of Hand Trucks and is the lower cost brake option for our 2-wheel aluminum hand trucks. Wyse Industrial Carts manufactures profesional grade aluminum hand trucks and sells direct.